About Modular Stairs

Modular Stairs offers a full range of do it yourself wood and metal stair systems including stairway, railing, spindle, and balustrade products that are easy to assemble and install. Whether it’s a spiral stairway or loft stairs, the modular staircase components are designed for flexible design with limited part counts. Full factory warranty is provided on every wood or metal staircase product with satisfaction guaranteed.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality loft stairs and spiral stairway products in ‘kit’ form for both residential and commercial staircase applications. The ease of assembly and installation of our stairkits reduces labor costs while providing a beautifully customized and finished staircase. To accomplish this task we have combined the three best stair lines manufactured in Europe.

Arke Logo
Arke of Italy boasts fifty years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of stair products. Superb craftsmanship and design aesthetics are the hallmark of the Arke offering. The synthesis of beech wood and steel modular stairway components allows for the creation of customized traditional and modern staircases adaptable to all environments.
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Frewa of Germany compliments our stairkit offering by combining beech wood and modular high tech lightweight aluminum alloys into futuristic wood and metal staircase designs worthy of progressive thinking and application. In addition, Frewa offers a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel balusters and railings for both interior and outdoor staircase uses. Twenty years of German engineering has created superior loft stairs and circular staircase products that truly stand the test of time.
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Marretti makes staircases and banisters for every type of interior stairway, from farm houses to banks, from lofts to city flats, and they have always been ahead of the trends in terms of stairkit materials, design and creativity. Every project bears the signature of a team. The emerging result is derived from a process of intensive and continuous dialogue to make imagination a reality. Marretti makes the dreams of the customer, architect or carpenter real.

We can assist in all phases of your new project or renovation with both in-house design and engineering capabilities. Our Vancouver office can provide direct assistance in British Columbia with the Frewa and Marretti while shipping the Arke staircase kits in Canada only, coast to coast.

Let Modular Stairs elevate you!

The Resources section of our website provides links to the manufacturer’s websites to view additional staircase pictures.

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