Modular Stairway Kits

Choose from a variety of “Kompact” modular stairway kits or the “Frewa” Top Star A210 or A260 staircase kits, your choice! Please click on the Details and Photos links below to learn more about that stairway kit.

Kompact Interior Stairkit
KOMPACT Modular Stairway
View: Kompact – Details & Photos
Colour: Black, White, Grey
Manufacturer: Arke
View: Kompact Install Guide

TOP STAR A210 Modular Stairway
View: Top Star – Details & Photo
Colour: Silver
Manufacturer: Frewa
Topstar A260 Spiral Stairkit
TOP STAR A260 Modular Stairway
View: Top Star – Details & Photos
Colour: Silver
Manufacturer: Frewa