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Enduro Exterior Spiral Stairkit

The Enduro Steel is an outdoor spiral staircase.This spiral staircase combines long-term durability with high standards of quality and craftsmanship in design. All metal parts are 12 gauge heat galvanized for protection against rust. All hardware fittings are made of stainless steel. The staircase comes with a black UV protected handrail in extruded PVC 2″ in diameter.

The handrail is made to provide additional stability to the spiral stairway. It is not made of hollow moplen plastic. More importantly, the Enduro Steel outdoor staircase has a solid center pole for optimal bearing support. Let the buyer beware best describes an alternate design with stacking pipe sections and no center pole. The Canadian climate with large variances between cold and hot lead to expansion and contraction of metal stair components. The consumer should be aware of differing designs for exterior spiral stairs.

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The outdoor spiral staircase kits are available in three different diameters: 3′ 11″, 4′ 7″, 5′ 3″. The tread lengths for the three diameters are; 20 1/4″, 24 1/2″, 28 1/2″. The Enduro Steel can be mounted in concrete or wood base.

The height of the spiral staircase is adjustable from 8′ 3 1/4″ to 10′ 1/8″. The addition of up to three add riser kits can raise floor to floor height to 12′ 4″. The kit comes with twelve steps and one landing.

Enduro - Stairs

Available Across CanadaStair Kit Type: Spiral Staircase

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Manufacturer: Arke

Assembly Instructions: View Enduro Install Guide (pdf)

Assembly Videos: Part 1Part 2Part 3

FAQ’s for Enduro Steel:

  1. How big must be the hole for the staircases? At least 5 cm more then the staircase diameter for a more comfortable handrail handling.
  2. Can one assemble 2 KITS one on the top of each other? Yes. If the two landing are perfectly one on the top of each other, reading the following limitations.
    Enduro Steel Diameter 120 cm Diameter 140 cm Diameter 160 cm
    1st flight KIT Enduro Steel KIT Enduro Steel Enduro Steel ZINK
    2nd flight KIT Enduro Steel without a tread height from 252 to 282 cm KIT Enduro Steel height from 273 to 305 cm KIT Enduro Steel height from 273 to 305 cm


  3. Why does my Enduro Steel appear to have some finishing imperfections? The melting zinc bath represents for steel the best protection against rust. Technically it consists in a operation’s sequence such as pickle, zinc bath and an antioxidant protection primer. This treatment could cause some imperfections however this does not alter the high product quality.
  4. How can I remedy those imperfections? With the help of a file you can remove those imperfections and cover the treated parts with the zinc (without pre-heating) that you will find in the kit.
  5. Why in the Enduro Steel Kit is the balustrade missing? Because as it is an external staircase, it assumes that it will go in an already pre-determined place.
  6. What is the diameter of the Enduro Steel center pole? 10,2 cm for the all three diameters.
  7. Which are the clear widths? For 120 diameter staircase, the clear width is 48. For 140 diameter staircase, the clear width is 58. For 160 diameter staircase, the clear width is 68.
  8. What are the Enduro Steel landing dimensions? The landing dimensions correspond to the following measurements:Enduro Stairs
  9. How big must be the landing base plate? 24 cm (including the plate cover) for all the three diameters


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