Eureka – Steel Outdoor Spiral Stairway

Eureka Exterior Spiral Stairkit White
Indoor / Outdoor, Painted, Anti-Corrosion Steel Circular Staircase. The EUREKA is available in three diameters – 3′ 11″, 4′ 7″ & 5′ 3″ *. Respective tread width is 20 1/4″, 24 1/2″, & 28 1/2″.

EUREKA staircase is available in three colours – black, white and grey powder coat painted and ready to be installed in either a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.

The standard EUREKA stairway kit is adjustable in height from a range of 8′ 3″ to 10′ 1/8″. A maximum height of 12′ 4″ is possible with additional components. It can be reduced to a minimum of 6′ 10″. The stair treads are manufactured from 12 gauge anti-corrosion steel with non-slip polyethylene tread cover.

To allow for proper installation and full clearance, the finished opening for the installation of the spiral of your diameter choice must be 2 inches greater than the diameter of the staircase kit.

Eureka Spiral Stairs – Photo Gallery

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Eureka Spiral Stairkit Grey
Each Eureka staircase kit is shipped complete with detailed assembly instructions and a DVD to assist in your installation.

* Staircase meets IRC Building Code

Stair Kit Type: Spiral Staircase

Price: $3,300 – $3,900

Manufacturer: Arke

Colours: Black, White and Grey

Assembly Instructions: View Eureka Install Guide (pdf)

To complete your project a matching BALCONY RAIL kit is available. The balcony rail kit comes complete with 10 balusters, handrail and all the necessary hardware to complete a 3′ 11″ installation. The balcony rail kit is available in the same colours / handrail profile as the Eureka circular staircase kit.

The price of the BALCONY RAIL KIT is $280.00 for each 3′ 11″ length modular kit. Kits can be connected for continuous runs.

SAFETY BARS are available in a set of 12 for an additional $300.00 to close off the back of the treads, meets IRC code.

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