Sky030 – Steel Outdoor Spiral Stairway

Sky030 Spiral Stairway Gray

The SKY030 spiral staircase kit is available in 3 diameters, 120 / 140 / 160 cm OR 47, 55 and 63 inches.

It is manufactured in steel and protected using the Sendzimir process. This galvanization process is achieved by using a small amount of aluminum in the zinc bath producing a coating with essentially no iron-zinc alloy. This process guarantees high resistance and durability. In addition, the metal is polyester powder coated. The final result is a staircase that is specifically made for outdoor installations because of its resistance to atmospheric elements.

The landing platform for the spiral staircase is a triangular for mounting on surfaces/headers for a more versatile and easier overall installation. The triangular landing is illustrated in the installation manual. The staircase rotates either clockwise or counter-clockwise to provide a bottom entry alternative. The same kit can also function at variable finished floor to finished floor heights.

The standard SKY030 staircase kit is adjustable in height from a range of 99 5/8” to 120 ½”.  Additional components can extend the kit to a maximum height of 148 7/16” or to a minimum of 83 1/16”. The standard kit with 13 treads, including a universal landing, installs with a 360° rotation. By adding or subtracting treads the rotation will change by approx. 30° per tread. This exact degree per tread depends on the diameter selected.

Additional riser kits can be purchased separately and may include a center pole extender / reducer.

The SKY030 stair treads are made of solid steel, ventilated to provide a slip-resistant surface even when wet. The handrail is black PVC for all staircases.

The stair can be used in a square stair well or butting up to a header in a mezzanine application. To allow for proper installation and full hand clearance, the finished opening must be at least

2 INCHES GREATER than the diameter of the staircase kit selected.

To complete your project matching Balcony Rail Kits are available. The Balcony Rail Kit comes complete with 10 balusters (length 39.37”), handrail, and all the necessary hardware to complete a 47” (width) installation.

Safety Bars are available in a set of 12 to close off the back of the treads (this way a 4” sphere will not pass through).

The 63” spiral stair has been designed to meet IRC requirements.

Each SKY030 staircase kit is shipped complete with detailed assembly instructions to assist in your installation. The stair has a 1-year warranty for manufactured defects.

Sky030 Spiral Stairs – Photo Gallery

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Sky030 Spiral Staircase White

Each Sky030 staircase kit is shipped complete with detailed assembly instructions and a DVD to assist in your installation. *Staircase meets IRC Building Code

Stair Kit Type: Spiral Staircase

Price: Request A Quote

Manufacturer: Arke

Colours: Black, White and Grey

Assembly Instructions: SKY 030 Install Manual (PDF)

To complete your project a matching BALCONY RAIL kit is available. The balcony rail kit comes complete with 10 balusters, handrail and all the necessary hardware to complete a 3′ 11″ installation. The balcony rail kit is available in the same colours / handrail profile as the Eureka circular staircase kit.

The price of the BALCONY RAIL KIT is additional for each 3′ 11″ length modular kit. Kits can be connected for continuous runs.

SAFETY BARS are available in a set of 12 for an additional cost to close off the back of the treads, meets IRC code.

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