The Phoenix – Indoor Spiral Stairway

Phoenix Staircase - Grey

This contemporary Italian designed spiral staircase offers sleek looking wooden treads and clean lines without any unsightly bolts or welds.The spiral staircase kit comes complete in one box with landing, railings, balusters, and treads. Written instructions and a DVD demonstrating assembly are included. Tools required for assembly include, but are not limited to, drills, hacksaw, screwdrivers and wrenches.

The Phoenix spiral staircase fits into a square or round opening 2″ larger than the stair diameter.The height of the staircase is adjustable from 8′ 3″ to 10′. The staircase is available in three different diameters; 3′ 11″, 4′ 7″, 5′ 3″. The tread lengths for the three diameters are; 20 1/4″, 24 1/2″, 28 1/2″. The Phoenix staircase may be installed in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions.

Phoenix indoor spiral stairway – Photo Gallery

The treads are clear sealed solid beech wood 1 5/8″ thick. The metal is 12 gauge steel and the handrail is a flexible aluminum core with a vinyl grip covering similar to to automobile dashboard material. The handrail is 1 3/4″ in diameter. Our staircase handrails are not hollow moplen plastic.

The 5′ 3″ diameter model meets BOCA and UBA codes. The kit can be mounted in concrete or wood base.

Phoenix Interior Spiral Stairkit Black

Available Across CanadaColours: Black, White or Grey

Stair Kit Type: Interior Spiral Staircase

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Manufacturer: Arke

Assembly Instructions: View Phoenix Install Guide (pdf)

Assembly Videos: Part 1Part 2

FAQ’s for Phoenix:

  1. What diameters must the ceiling opening have for the staircases?At least 5 cm. more then the diameter of the chosen staircase for a more comfortable handrail handling.
  2. Can one assemble 2 KITS one on the top of each other?Yes. But the landings must be perfectly placed one upon another, remembering the following instructions:
    Phoenix Diameter 120 cm Diameter 140 cm Diameter 160 cm
    1st flight KIT Phoenix KIT Phoenix KIT Phoenix
    2nd flight KIT Phoenix without 2 treads height from 232 to 258 cm. NB: It is thoughtless because of the landing reduced. KIT Phoenix without 2 treads height from 232 to 258 cm. KIT Phoenix without 1 tread height from 253 to 282 cm.


  3. How do you fix the staircase to the floor? The staircase must always be fixed in concrete. Otherwise our parts B13 will be too short, you will need to buy some longer ones.
  4. Which are the clear widths? For 120 diameter staircase, the clear width is 49. For 140 diameter staircase, the clear width is 57. For 160 diameter staircase, the clear width is 66.
  5. What is the diameter of the Phoenix centre pole? 14 cm for the 140 and 160 diameter staircases and 10,8 cm for the 120 diameter staircase.
  6. What are the Phoenix landing dimensions? The landing dimensions correspond to the following measurements:Phoenix-faq
  7. How big must the landing base plate be? 24 cm (including the plate cover) for all the three diameters.


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